November 30, 2014

The Art of … Sesame Street

Maria Jose Da Luz

Whether you were raised on Sesame Street 
or loved the Muppets alongside your children or grandchildren,
I think you'll enjoy this collection of Sesame Street art!

Mike Boon

This series of minimalist art is by Thomas Pastrano.

Dave Perillo

Glen Brogan

Never very good at chemistry, but this sure is fun!

...a close-up.
Information given includes Muppet fur or skin color, nose color,
primary Muppeteer, and year they were introduced.
You can buy a poster at Redbubble.


Sesame Street Zen...

Sesame Street Emoticons!

Steven Lefcourt

A clever Venn diagram for the colors of Muppets-

And another Venn diagram...

That Dos Equis man meme...

Sesame Street goes Keith Haring.

And for the finale, listen to Jimmy Fallon, the Muppets, and The Roots
sing the Sesame Street theme with classroom instruments!
(The rap is especially great!)

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