August 14, 2013

Timelapse of the Earth Over the Last 30 Years

With appreciation to NASA, the US Geological Survey, TIME, and Google, I'm excited to share with you this phenomenal video about the Landsat program. Landsat Earth Imaging Satellites have collected trillions of pixels of imagery data, creating a picture archive of our planet since 1984. The best of these have been compiled into an animated time-lapse of Earth.

The changes in our planet over the past quarter of a century are truly amazing! We see the growth of cities and the impact of desert irrigation, but the most dramatic event recorded is the disappearance of the Amazon Rainforest. This evidence of global change, not necessarily for the good, is undeniable. It brings about an eye-opening awareness and a call to accountability.

The 8th satellite in the Landsat series was launched in February of 2013. 

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