October 22, 2012

As My Paisley World Turns...

I'm always finding myself attracted to art,
interested in the ways that folks express themselves,
be it through painting, graphic arts, sculpture, stitching, architecture, or design.
And so on.
I'm inspired by such ingenuity and imagination!
So this has been my starting place.

To give you an idea of what "My Paisley World" is all about, 
here are some categories that I'll be exploring:

Kim Seybert Table Runner

Americana   ~  Interesting Americans, Places, Things. History. Culture.

Appreciating Art and Handmade Craft   ~ Creativity at its best!

Baubles, Bangles, Bows  ~  Who doesn't love the frou-frous of life?

Celebrations  ~  Holidays, Entertaining, Decorating, Gifting.

Design, Fashion, Style  ~  Interesting tidbits. Trends, Classics.

Foodie Features  ~  Aah, yes. Savoring great recipes. Interesting edibles.

Let's Give Back!  ~ We're so blessed. Let's share our resources, time & talent.

Lovin' Life  ~ Feel-good stories & experiences. Enjoy each day!

Memory Lane  ~  Reminiscing through the past. Vintage. Retro.

Which of these pique your interest?
What have you always been curious about?
Any favorites within these categories that would be fun to investigate?


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