January 23, 2013

Crochet for Cancer

Cancer patients lose their hair following chemotherapy treatments and are faced with many emotions.
A loving gift of a hand-crafted hat helps them to regain some of their confidence and hope.
Sound like something you'd like to participate in?
This is perfect way to share our talents. 

Crochet for Cancer is a non-profit, Christian organization that is volunteer-based. Crafters from all over the world make the caps, mail them to Crochet for Cancer, who then distributes them to doctors' offices, hospitals and cancer centers. They not only donate hats, but scarves and blankets as well.

This video will give you more information.

Crochet for Cancer chapters are located in 10 states: California, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, Texas, and West Virginia.  There's also a chapter in Quebec, Canada.

Here's their philosophy:
"We believe that providing a cap or other handmade item to someone undergoing treatment for cancer is a privilege and should always be done so with respect, understanding, and in a gentle manner. It is an honor to use our time and talents to uplift and show God’s love to someone in need. Our hope and prayer is that the God will use the handmade gifts tagged with biblical scriptures to open someone’s heart to have a life changing connection with Christ."

Visit their website-

You'll find patterns for hats and size charts for children, women & men.
Great for those of us who have lots of leftover yarn from past projects.

Don't crochet? There are instructions & video tutorials so you can learn.
Prefer to knit? They also have knitting patterns.

Detailed information is given on how to create and donate.
Read what inspired the co-founders to start this organization.

Learn how you can form a chapter in your area.
You can also make a monetary donation if you'd like.

They have a gift shop to purchase tote bags or stickers like this one:

Find them on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/CrochetForCancer

My hope is to spread awareness and to inspire others to create some caps to donate.
Be sure to pass the word about this very worthy cause!
We've all been blessed with so much - Isn't this a wonderful, crafty way to give back?

With appreciation to co-founders, chapter leaders, and all of the crocheters and knitters involved,
as you "show love to others, one stitch at a time"!

All photos courtesy of Crochetforcancer.org.


  1. mir gefallen diese Hüte, mich würde interessieren, ob man diese auch in Deutschland kaufen kann, könnt Ihr mir bitte mitteilen, ob dies möglich ist? Meine eMail-Adresse ist: ist2@arcor.de
    Stützinger Ingrid, Nürnberg Deutschland

  2. I, too, Crochet for Cancer. I think of all the things the recipients are going through and hope that this one bright spot will shine the Light of Christ into their world and lift them up. I encourage others to join in!

  3. I agree, Aunt Claudia. That bright spot could make all the difference!

  4. Do you have the patterns for the two hats that are shown on this page, the gray one and the pink one? I am currently working on different caps, but I love the style of those and have tried emailing somebody from the crochetforcancer website, but they have not gotten back to me. Thank you.

  5. I too have been looking for both of these patterns!! Please can you tell me where to find them?

    1. Hi, Emily- Here are links for their website http://www.crochetforcancer.org/ and their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CrochetForCancer. I'd think they'd be happy to share patterns and information. Thank you for visiting My Paisley World! Happy crocheting!


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